Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Aloe Vera potential to fight breast cancer heartburn relief keeping produce fresh an alternative to mouthwash lowering your sugar a natural laxative skincare one aloe vera for dry skin and hair take some aloe vera.

A pinch of turmeric a teaspoon of honey a teaspoon of a milk and a few drops of rose water blend this mix till you get a paste apply it and leave in for about 20 minutes or so till aloe vera scrub grab half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice the sugar will help exfoliate and scrub off dead skin the aloe vera will deep clean the skin and the lemon will help fade out scars and then stir the three ingredients together and use it to scrub both face and body.

Aleo Vera
Aleo Vera

Benefits of Aleo Vera Gel

Three aloe vera for acne take some aloe vera gel blended walnuts with a flower like consistency and honey. Aloe vera’s healing properties coupled with the antioxidants from honey we’ll leave you with smooth and clear skin for aloe vera for sensitive skin grab some aloe vera gel cucumber juice yogurt and rose oil and blend them to a paste apply and leave for around 20 minutes then rinse it off.Get more health tips form here.

How to drink aloe vera juice

How to drink aloe vera juice the natural taste of aloe vera is so bitter that you wouldn’t think of consuming it as is take the gel dice it into small pieces and blend now mix a bit of this with some other fruit or vegetable juice that’s preferably sweet if you find it too bitter then mix it up with honey and drink you can also add some lemon to this mix.Click here for more information,

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