Amazing Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Benefits of pomegranates

Benefits of pomegranates one pomegranates are loaded with important nutrients fiber 7 grams protein 3 grams vitamin C 30% of the RDA vitamin K 36% of the RDA fellate 16% of the RDA potassium 12% of the RDA with powerful medicinal.

The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree in the family Lythraceae that grows between 5 and 8 m tall

Properties of Pomegranate

Properties pomegranate contain puny collagen and punic acid unique substances that are responsible for most of their health benefits.

  • Pomegranate has impressive anti-inflammatory effects the Punic halogens in pomegranate juice have been shown to reduce inflammation one of the leading drivers of many killer diseases for Paula granite may help fight prostate cancer there is preliminary evidence that pomegranate juice can be useful in men with prostate cancer potentially inhibiting cancer growth and lowering the risk of death.
  • Pomegranate may also be useful against breast cancer laboratory studies have shown that pomegranate extract can help fight breast cancer cells but human studies are needed to confirm this six pomegranate may lower blood pressure regular intake of pomegranate juice has been shown to lower blood pressure levels in as little as two weeks
  • Pomegranate may help fight arthritis and joint pain studies in animals and isolated cells have shown that pomegranate extract may be beneficial against several forms of arthritis but human research is needed.
  • Pomegranate juice may lower your risk of heart disease several human studies have shown that pomegranate can have benefits against heart disease it improves the cholesterol profile and protects LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage.
  • Pomegranate juice may help treat erectile dysfunction pomegranate juice has been linked to reduced symptoms of erectile option but more research is needed ten pomegranate can help fight bacterial and fungal infections pomegranate has antibacterial and antiviral properties which may be useful against common diseases of the gums.
  • Pomegranate may help improve memory some evidence shows that pomegranate can improve memory in the elderly and post-surgery and studies in my suggests that it can protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Pomegranate may improve exercise performance in a study of 19 athletes running on a treadmill one gram of pomegranate extract 30 minutes before exercise significantly enhanced blood flow.

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